Foodies Takes Flight: Elevating the Passenger Experience with Innovative Food-Tech Retail Units

Reading time: 3 min
by Gemma Hill
We are proud to unveil our latest unattended retail unit at London Stansted Airport, revolutionising the passenger experience by offering quick, hassle-free access to refreshments without queueing. At the tap of a card, travellers can indulge in a wide selection of branded treats, healthy sandwiches, hot snacks, or a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee through easy-to-use smart fridges and the latest vending machines.

The journey begins

Our latest Foodies venture has touched down at London Stansted Airport, following the success of our operation at East Midlands Airport since 2022. Designed to complement the fast-paced nature of air travel, our flagship concept at London Stansted Airport redefines on-the-go refreshments using digital vending machines. Whether for the first flight of the day or the last flight of the evening, Selecta ensures travellers have access to high-quality fresh food, snacks, and beverages whenever they need them.

Convenience at the tap of a card

The Foodies grab-and-go retail area features state-of-the-art bean-to-cup coffee machines with built-in water filters, offering passengers a choice of premium hot beverages or refreshing filtered cold water. Paired with a heated snack vending machine and smart fridges, travellers have everything they need for a quick grab-and-go before boarding their flight. Plus, using our real-time data we can tailor the assortment as we learn consumers' tastes and preferences.

Fulfilling both airport and passenger needs

  • Improves passenger experience: Easy-to-use machines placed in high-traffic areas allow passengers to quickly purchase something whilst they wait to board their flight.  Giving passengers more food and beverage options exactly when they need it, without the need to go back to the main terminal.
  • Drives Revenue for the Airport: Creates a revenue stream from an empty or unused space. Regularly reviewing sales data means we can tailor the range to ensure those in high demand are always available in greater quantities.
  • Safe and Secure: Pre-authorisation and contactless payment guarantee a theft-free experience and no issues of the products not being dispensed. Plus passengers can check ingredients and allergens before they complete their transaction.
  • Wide Selection of Products:  The solution offers a wide range of products consumers want to purchase before they board. Plus non-food or drink items can also be sold from the same solution.
  • Fully Managed: Our team ensure the machines are constantly working and are filled at the optimal time using our on-site staff and telemetric data, working with the airport to increase our support during peak periods.
We’re very pleased to team up with Selecta to offer our passengers this convenient and innovative grab-and-go concept offering a broad range of products that can be adapted to our customers’ tastes. The airside location and enhanced environment Selecta has created make it a convenient stop for those looking to pick up any last-minute needs before their flight.
Stephen Martin Retail Director London Stansted Airport

Our first hot snack vending machine

A first for Selecta is the introduction of the Kepak hot food vending machine. Passengers can pick up a perfectly heated hot snack to take on the plane or eat while they wait to board. Not only does this increase the range of snacks available it also improves the experience for any passengers who are waiting to board as they do not need to return to the main terminal for hot food.

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