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30 Office Snack Ideas

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by Yves Käser
Snacks are a regular topic of conversation in any office space – from taste and health benefits to convenience. And the quality of snacks available in the office can also improve wellbeing and performance, boosting employee morale and productivity.

In this article, Selecta highlights 30 office snack ideas – including some unique and exciting picks – and why they’re a must-have addition to the office kitchen or catering offering.

The Best Office Snack Ideas

Starting off the list are six snack ideas that are perfect for the office as a lunchtime meal or a convenient snack.

Tuna Pouches

Tuna pouches are an ideal office snack. Not only are they convenient to store but they’re also a source of omega-3 fats and provide ample protein. They’re great for staying focused and productive.

Bell Peppers and Guacamole

A surprising combination that fits together well. Avocados contain monosaturated fats which are proven to maintain healthy brain function, while bell peppers are rich in antioxidants that protect against heart disease and cancer. This unusual snack combination is also a great conversation starter.

(Lighter) Hard-Shelled Tacos

Hard-shelled tacos are less messy and easier to eat than soft alternatives – making them perfect for the office.

Lighter varieties of taco fillings – containing lots of vegetables and a protein source like chicken or beef – provide a range of health benefits. These fillings can also be replaced with Quorn or other plant-based alternatives for those with different dietary requirements.


What sushi lacks in shelf life, gyoza makes up for by staying fresher for longer – making it perfect for the office fridge. Gyoza comes in both vegetarian and meat options, appealing to a diverse range of dietary needs.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are high in fibre and protein. They also have a long shelf-life, making them perfect for buying in bulk and putting into bowls for meetings or general workplace snacking.

Selecta Snack Vending Machines let you stock a range of healthy and convenient choices to satisfy small appetites.

The Healthiest Office Snack Ideas

Health is an important factor when deciding on the perfect snack ideas for the office. Here are six healthy snack ideas to keep employees refreshed, revitalised and focused.


Edamame is a Japanese variety of green bean that is high in vitamin K and provides a tasty snack that vegetarians can also enjoy. They’re easy to store in a fridge or freezer and they’ll be the talk of the office.

Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts have a long shelf life, are easy to store and are low in sugar. They also contain heart-healthy fats and plant protein and are perfect for pouring into a bowl at a moment’s notice.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit offers a much longer shelf life than fresh products but also has the benefit of improving blood flow and lowering the risk of heart-related diseases, as well as helping to prevent type-2 diabetes and cancer.

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Fruit juices also offer a host of health benefits – providing vitamins and minerals and leaving employees hydrated and ready to take on the day.

Veggies with Hummus

Hummus provides a serving of healthy fats and is also tasty and easy to store in an office fridge. Dipping vegetables like carrots can add an extra level of flavour and health benefits.


Yoghurt rounds off a well-balanced diet with protein, calcium and essential vitamins, and there are also vegan alternatives to suit all dietary needs.

Selecta Healthy Vending Machines make it effortless for employees to access fresh and nutritious every day. Plus, we’re committed to delivering healthy and sustainable food and drink options to all of our partners in our vending machines, Foodies MicroMarkets and coffee solutions.

The Best Individually Wrapped Snacks

Hygiene is a key consideration when keeping snacks in a shared office fridge. Here are six individually-wrapped office snacks for inspiration.

Chicken Satay

Chicken satay (or fruit kebabs as a vegan alternative) makes a perfect individually-portioned snack thanks to its small wooden handles. Plus, they’re convenient and offer a protein top-up to keep employees energised throughout the day.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are a popular go-to office snack. Each bar comes individually wrapped to reduce contact and make them easy to store in vending machines, cupboards or backpacks.

Cocktail Sausages

Bite-sized snacks such as cocktail sausages or fruit cocktail sticks make the perfect individual portion that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Charcuterie Cones

Charcuterie cones are an unusual but delicious and convenient snack option. The snack consists of traditional charcuterie options, like fruits, cheese and breadsticks, inside a cone.

The cone makes this snack option easy to pick up and consume without touching a range of different ingredients.

Salad Cups

Individual salad cups are a great way to inject nutrition into the office diet while keeping things hygienic. They can also come in a variety of combinations and flavours to suit every palette.

The Best Reward Snacks

Sometimes employees need to feel valued, and a great way of doing that can be by rewarding them with one of these six tasty snacks.


Not only is popcorn high in fibre, but it’s also a tasty, sought-after treat that could serve as the perfect reward to boost office morale and encourage a collaborative, friendly environment in the office.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the healthiest variety, being lower in sugar than milk and white chocolate due to its higher cocoa content. It’s also filled with nutrients that can protect the cells inside the body. Dark chocolate makes a fantastic (and tasty) reward.


Biltong is high in vitamin B12 to boost employees’ energy levels and mood, giving them the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. It also provides a convenient protein hit. Vegetarian jerky makes a delicious alternative.


Strawberries are an unbeatable summer snack. Not only are they tasty, but they’re rich in vitamin C, with ample amounts of magnesium and phosphorus. Plus, they’re sweet – making them perfect for cravings.

Watermelon Slices

Another example of a snack that tastes sweet and is high in vitamins A and C. Watermelons are also relatively low in calories, and the amount of water that gives them their namesake is a great source of hydration.


Pineapple is high in vitamin C, manganese and enzymes, making it another great snack that’ll keep the office focused and happy. Not only are pineapples tasty, but they’re versatile too. Pair with cheese for an extra treat.

Selecta’s Snack Vending Machines provide the perfect treat for productive employees – and you can use vend tokens as a reward incentive to boost motivation.

Our Foodies MicroMarkets also offer fresh food options including fruit, salad and plant-based options.

The Best Desk Snacks

Sometimes you need a little morning boost or afternoon pick-me-up at the desk. But what are the best deskside snacks for grazing on throughout the day? These are Selecta’s six best snacks to eat at the desk.

Wasabi Peas

While packing the spicy wasabi pea punch (that may not be for everyone), they also offer a hefty amount of protein and fibre, with a long shelf life. They’re perfect for pouring into a bowl at the desk and picking at when peckish.

Trail Mix

Once used for backpackers during long trips, this assortment of nuts, fibres and dried fruit has become the perfect snack to enjoy at a desk while working. It’s filled with essential fats, protein and vitamins for consistent energy release throughout the day.


Pretzels boast a long shelf life – making them perfect for keeping at the desk and grazing when needed. Plus, they’re low in fat and tasty.

Bombay Mix

The lentils, nuts and chickpeas found in Bombay mix are packed with protein, iron and zinc.  Bombay mix is another great choice for keeping to hand as a convenient energy boost thanks to its long shelf life.

Red and Green Grapes

Grapes not only help to reduce blood pressure but are known to help prevent cardiovascular disease. Plus, they’re tasty and bite-sized, making them ideal for snacking on throughout the day at the desk.


Apples are packed with flavour, rich in fibre and the perfect handheld desk snack. Plus, they’re known to lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Our range of vending machines provides the perfect solution for office snacking.

Snack and confectionary vending machines provide a range of individually wrapped treats that are ideal for adding to a filling lunch or enjoying throughout the day. And our refrigerated snack vending machines are perfect for stocking chilled items like fresh fruit.

For more information on our office snack services – as well as our commitment to delivering healthy and sustainable food and drink options – chat with our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What Snacks Should I Buy for The Office?

A: Healthy snack options are best to buy for the office as they not only help employers meet their responsibility to promote nutritious food options but also provide consistent energy throughout the day. Examples of healthy office snacks include fruit, nuts, yoghurt and health bars.

Q: What is the best food for a sedentary job?

A: When sitting at a desk all day, the best snacks include low-calorie options like fruit and vegetables. Snacks with a combination of carbohydrates and healthy fats, like granola bars, also provide a consistent release of energy to keep employees focused throughout the day.


Q: Why Are Office Snacks Important?

A: Office snacks not only improve employee morale – as they’re less affected by hunger pangs at work – but they also provide the nutrition and energy to help with focus and motivation throughout the day.

Q: What Are Easy Work Snacks for Lunch?

A: Easy lunch snacks also need to be healthy to keep employees energised and focused. Snacks that provide a balance between ease of access and health benefits include fruits, nuts and yoghurts, as well as granola bars and biltong.

Q: What Snacks Should I Offer My Employees?

A: Employers should offer tasty yet healthy snacks to keep employees motivated and energised throughout the day. Ideal office snacks include low-calorie or nutritious options such as popcorn, dark chocolate and fresh fruit.

Q: What Are Some Simple Healthy Snacks?

A: Some simple, healthy snacks that can be enjoyed in the office include fruit, nuts, and yoghurts but also health bars and various drink options like fresh orange or apple juice, mineral water and tea selections.

Q: What Makes a Good Meeting Snack?

A: Good office meeting snacks include healthy foods that are easy to eat and mess-free. This includes fruit, nuts, low-sugar health bars and deli sandwiches.

Q: Five Useful Snack Tips

A: When choosing snacks for the office, it’s important to consider the nutrient profile and calorie content of the food. Likewise, it’s essential to create snacks that are a mix of different food groups, while using whole foods whenever available. Be attentive to the quantity that is consumed, while also offering a variety of flavours to keep things interesting.

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